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Alight Ashram, a yoga and meditation space for both virtual and in-person learning, joins together the traditional yogic path with a modern understanding of leading mind-body, exercise and nutrition sciences. Our Founder, Enna Maria "Mia" Fagnilli, is a critical thinker and creative whose education and practical experience spanning more than 20 years weaves together time-honored ancient practices with a voice that encourages awareness and action in areas of individual and collective health, human rights focused social justice, environmental responsibility and animal welfare. She says, 


I founded Alight Ashram because at one time, not so long ago, I needed a safe place to land to learn about myself and my yoga practice, a safe place in which to grow as a person and gain new skills that would help me make sense of my changing world. As a fitness professional, former national fitness educator and yoga instructor, I was fortunate to have a network of people who were willing to hold space for me and light my way. It is my greatest desire that Alight Ashram will be a safe place for others to land, to grow and to share life's adventure together.


Nomadic by nature, she has traveled and lived both at home and abroad making friends, embracing cultures and delighting in the beauty of the world. She and her family currently consider Nashville, TN their base camp and share their home and hearts with their adopted pets: Sushi, a loving and loud Bombay black cat, and Bakersfield, Alight Ashram's CHO (Chief Happiness Officer), a mixed breed Everything Beagle.  

Mia holds CPT, GPTS and PES Certificates through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Yoga Alliance RYT200, and has been a Master Trainer Educator for both the P90X LIVE and MoveStrong Functional Fitness Equipment brands. Click here for a full list of credentials.

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