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New Beginnings, Welcome to Alight Ashram

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

I founded Alight Ashram because at one time, not so long ago, I needed a safe place to land to learn about myself and my yoga practice, a safe place in which to grow as a person and gain new skills that would help me make sense of my changing world. As a fitness professional, former national fitness educator and yoga instructor, I was fortunate to have a network of people who were willing to hold space for me and light my way. It is my greatest desire that Alight Ashram will be a safe place for others to land, to grow and to share life's adventure together.

Namaste. Fist Bump. Wide Smile. Big Hug.

Enna Maria "Mia" Fagnilli,

Founder, Alight Ashram

#newbeginnings #yoga #meditation #exploration

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